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Our Story

United Benefits, Inc. is the parent company of two primary insurance companies. United Funeral Directors Benefit Life Insurance Company (UFDBLIC) is a Texas Stipulated Premium Life Insurance Company. It began as a mutual aid association in the year 1938. In 1989 UFDBLIC was converted to a life insurance company. The company has offered "plans to help with or pay for funeral expenses" continuously since 1938.

United Funeral Benefits Life Insurance Company (UFBLIC) is an Oklahoma Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company. It began as a Fraternal Benefit Society in the 1920s and began writing life insurance policies for its membership in 1953. It was converted to a Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company in 1989 making it possible to sell policies to the general public. It has operated continuously selling life insurance products "to help with or pay for funeral expenses" since 1953.

Policies that fund prepaid funeral contracts and final expense plans are the only business of UFDBLIC and UFBLIC.


Our Mission is to be the leading providers of Funeral Insurance and Pre-Need Plans in Texas and Oklahoma through Excellence of Products, Quality of Sales, and Excellence in Service to our policyholders and to the funeral homes who sponsor us.


Our commitment to our policyholders, sponsoring funeral homes, employees, and representatives to be there as we promised is our number one priority. That commitment drives our every decision and keeps us focused on the high ground. The core business values established over our 84 years of continuous operations cannot be shaken so long as we consistently conduct our business with that commitment utmost in mind.

We therefore pledge:

  • We will be honest and forthright in our dealings with you.

  • We will apply sound, well-proven business practices in our management.

  • We will honor our commitments and contracts as intended.

  • We will consistently apply our policies and procedures.

  • We will offer products that are fair and reasonable to all parties.

  • We will be open to new ideas and suggestions, and

  • We will follow through without fail.

Our Best Always, Since 1938!


Charlie R. Allison, President

Gary B. Cox, COO

Karen L. Baumgardner, CFO

Betsy Chance, VP and Office Manager

Eduardo Salido, CMO

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