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Our Company

United Benefits, Inc. is the parent company of two primary insurance companies. United Funeral Directors Benefit Life Insurance Company (UFDBLIC) is a Texas Stipulated Premium Life Insurance Company. It began as a mutual aid association in the year 1938. In 1989 UFDBLIC was converted to a life insurance company. The company has offered "plans to help with or pay for funeral expenses" continuously since 1938.

United Funeral Benefits Life Insurance Company (UFBLIC) is an Oklahoma Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company. It began as a Fraternal Benefit Society in the 1920s and began writing life insurance policies for its membership in 1953. It was converted to a Legal Reserve Life Insurance Company in 1989 making it possible to sell policies to the general public. It has operated continuously selling life insurance products "to help with or pay for funeral expenses" since 1953.

Policies that fund prepaid funeral contracts and final expense plans are the only business of UFDBLIC and UFBLIC.

Company personnel pride themselves on their availability to policyholders, funeral home sponsors and agents. Responses to telephone calls are immediate and written correspondence is answered on the day received. Claims are paid on the day received. Policies are issued on a daily basis.

The Insurance products are well adapted to funding funeral expenses. They are high quality products providing a wide range of benefits and payment plans suitable for the funeral expense and pre-need market. A customer may fund the entire amount (or a partial amount) of his or her funeral expense through a prepaid funeral contract with one of the many funeral home partners that sell and service our policies.

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