For Applicants who DO NOT hold an active license with the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI).

You must fill out and submit the following forms to UBI: 

 I.  New Agent Forms

  1. The New Agent Data Sheet

  2. Code of Ethics Acknowledgement.

  3. The Waiver and Authorization for Background Check.

  4. ACH Payment Form (Required) 

  5. Electronic Finger Print Receipt

    1. Fingerprint application is available, follow link.​


 II. Once the forms are received by home office, trainings and          testing can be scheduled with MGA or Marketing Manager.

III. When you complete and Pass the U-25 Test, UBI will                  create the Certificate of Completion required by TDI and            e-mail to the MGA and Agent.

 IV. Fill out The Texas Department of Insurance License                    Application- Must filled out and paid for online 

Please e-mail all completed signed forms listed above including fingerprint receipt to: