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Clear Choice (CC) Plan

The CC plan is a single premium plan to be written to fund pre-need funeral contracts. It is available up through age 90 without the usual underwriting questions. The Clear Choice plan must always be written with a pre-need contract. The pre-need contract amount will always be the face amount, and the face amount will always be the single premium. Persons will qualify unless they are residents of a nursing home, an extended care facility, are enrolled in a Hospice program, or if they have been informed that their death is imminent (within one year).


The death benefit is the face amount interest compounded annually and posted daily.

All Plans:

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Monthly Increasing Benefit (MIB) Plan Clear Choice (CC) Plan | Annuity (ANN) Plan

The State of Texas has developed a web site to help you make informed decisions concerning the purchase of prepaid funeral benefits at

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